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Trying to figure out how to get more stars and coins, but cannot seem to work your way to them? Well, have you thought about using Homescapes Hack?

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About Homescapes Hack

Unfortunately, as rewarding as this game is in pure hours of fun, it can also be rather punishing, which is why using Homescapes cheats is sometimes inevitable. Namely, if you fail a level, you can retry it - at the cost of the coins you have built up. Furthermore, if you don’t collect enough starts, you won’t be able to complete tasks.

It’s simple. Complete a level, earn some coins. Use them to proceed to the next level. Rinse and repeat. If you fail, you have to either wait twenty-five minutes before you get a new opportunity to progress or purchase coins with real-world money. In this case, simple isn’t always better. For most people, the choice is clear.

As a result, there have been complaints of a lack of balance. Namely, some of the match-3 portions of the game have proven to be rather challenging, which results in a lot of replayed levels and lost currency. So, if you can’t enjoy the game properly, then a Homescapes hack is worth considering.

Overall, it is safe to say that Homescapes is a very enjoyable game. The download numbers alone prove it. In the first week of its release, it had seven million downloads. In the first month, the number reached twenty-eight million.

Nowadays, it is one of the top five most downloaded games on Apple devices, and one of the top ten on Android. However, it's entirely possible that their success would have been even greater and their numbers higher if they had loosened some of the restrictions they have imposed upon players and content alike.

About Homescapes Game

Homescapes is a spin-off of Playrix's earlier game, Gardenscapes. Some might consider it a sequel, but this is not exactly correct. It is true that if you've played Gardenscapes, you will recognize many similar motifs and elements in Homescapes. For example, the protagonist of the story is the same: Austin the Butler. However, Homescapes doesn't seem to be as developed yet, lacking some enhancements and updates that enriched the game. Still, it retains most of the positive elements from its predecessor, making it a must-play. Furthermore, the gameplay works very similarly in both games, which is a welcome touch of familiarity.

Even if you are entirely new, the game provides a suitable tutorial that covers all the basics and makes sure the players are well informed. What’s more, this game, in particular, is quick to teach you the ropes and draw you in.

Homescapes combines an interesting storyline with a traditional match-3 mechanic. Now, if you’re a newcomer to the genre, maybe you could use some clarification. In essence, match-3 puzzles consist of swapping two adjacent items to make a row or column of at least three. However, Homescapes makes it additionally engaging by making the tiles increasingly difficult to match.

One of the key elements that make this game so successful is the story. The narrative is charming and engaging, designated to draw and keep attention. More importantly, the content offered is plentiful. In fact, there are more than four hundred levels, intended to keep the players perpetually busy. Furthermore, Playrix has also been releasing updates with more content. So, there is always more to be done, and the game just keeps on giving.

Each chapter has its own designated goal that slots into the bigger picture. Austin the Butler decides to visit his parents and his ancestral home. Unfortunately, he finds that the house is in such disarray that his parents are planning on selling it. Austin, of course, cannot let this happen.

Every level you play through contributes toward the goal of restoring and preserving Austin’s childhood home. Upon successful completion of each level, you as a player earn stars that allow you to progress through the storyline. Moreover, depending on how well you do, you earn coins. As a reward, you get an opportunity to customize the house to your taste.

How to Get Homescapes Unlimited Free Coins and Stars

There is a solution for Homescapes’ unfair in-game economy. Thanks to our online generator, you now have a way to bypass restrictions and generate free game resources.

By using cheats, you can remove the “unavoidable” from the concept of microtransactions. Furthermore, since the goal is to complete the home restoration, with free coins, you can continue improving Austin’s home.

This service is entirely free and ready to be used at a moment’s notice. You only need to provide your email address and follow the steps. It may take a few minutes, but the website will generate resources that will enable you to experience the game properly in no time. Every time you use it, you will generate even more Homescapes free stars and coins.

Tips & Tricks You Should Consider

Create the Rainbow Ball – That way, you’ll complete the puzzle in just a few moves and save yourself some valuable time.

Don’t ignore Paper Planes – Create them whenever you can, and use them to unlock pieces of the puzzle or even clear out some pieces.

Do not waste your moves if you don’t have to. – When you first start the game, you will have more moves than you need. However, later on, the game becomes more difficult. So, saving some moves for mistakes is a good way of ensuring victory.

You Want to Use Homescapes Cheats

You no longer need to bash your head and wait, or even worse - spend actual money on something that should be more affordable, if not free. Considering how challenging some of the levels are, grinding the currency may not actually be an option. Instead, you are free to focus on participating in the story and rebuilding the home to your heart’s content by using this hack.

This is a veritable way of properly enjoying the game with significantly fewer limitations. Tens of thousands of people have tested the generator and found it perfect for getting Homescapes unlimited coins. Moreover, it’s simple and efficient in design, which you will inevitably agree with once you use it for the first time. After all, thousands of comments backing up this claim are there for a reason.

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